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CDF System

Authentic Space Consulting

This is could be your 1st step towards your Authentic Space. If you need another eye, helping with choosing the right color palette or picking out the right furniture for your space. Based on the the information we gathered during our "Discovery" call we'll decide than if you may just need an advisor to help you during your design phase.
As your Authentic Space Consulted I'm here to help with product selection, furniture selection, what question to ask, suggestions and guidance for your "Authentic Space" to make education decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Dinning Rooms- Living Rooms- Kitchen & Bath​

Authentic Spaces- Design Services

Are wondering what is actual the CDF System? How can my space speak a language?

When creating an Authentic Space it embodies the perfect blend of comfort, creativity, functionality, and exquisite design. We take pride in transforming any space into an authentic oasis that reflects your personal style and taste. As your talented designer I will utilizes the expertise and boundless creativity to create custom interiors that are both visually striking and highly functional. I believe that a well-kept and comfortable living environment is essential for your overall well-being. Paying meticulous attention to detail,I ensure that every element of your interior is carefully curated and arranged to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. From selecting the finest materials to incorporating unique and personalized touches, my goal is to create a space that is truly yours. I understand that every client is unique, which is why. I prioritize open communication and collaboration throughout the design process. I will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life, while incorporating our expertise and innovative ideas. Whether you are seeking a complete renovation or simply looking to refresh a few key areas, our interior design services are tailored to meet your individual needs. I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations and create a space that you will love for years to come. Experience the transformative power by letting me create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Elevated Table Expressions

Let us add a little extra to your dinning experience that would bring your family and friends to meet at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner table. For everyday, special occasions, different seasons & holidays


  • Flatware, Dishes, & Glassware
  • Dinner napkins
  • Placemats/ Chargers
  • Table Runners (and or Table linen)
  • Custom Table center pieces
  • Choice of Design styles
  • Sourcing of Items
  • Styling Fee

This is not a rental service. This is a home decor service to authentically design your dinning table with your language in mind.

Closet Artistry: Sculpting your Closet Space with Style

Elevating your closet to a realm of organization and style with expert curators will transform your space into a functional work of art.


  • Decluttering
  • Organization
  • Hangers
  • Closet Styling
  • up to 8 hours of Closet Styling fee

Starting Closet cost is 1500$. Custom Closet Design prices vary depending upon materials, product and sourcing.


Holiday Home Decor


Let’s get into the mood of the season. We understand your schedule may be busy or you may need someone else to help. We can help by decorating your home or business for the seasons or holiday. From creating table expressions to unique tree decor and topers. Let’s take on that task.

The Process

A 30 minute Zoom call to learn about you, your needs and vision for your space. During this call we’ll make sure AU2 is the best fit for your space.

This can be up to a 2 hour in person meeting. Where you introduce me to your space. Here is were we take a closer look at the project(s) you’ll to have done. Pictures and measurement will be taken, we’ll discuss your design style, what inspires you. We’ll take though your budget, goals, and your timeline.

Clear understanding what’s possible and how it can be accomplished.

This were the creativity begins to flow and and the fun starts! After taking everything discussed during our strategy meeting, a mood board and the floor plan will be created. This visual picture of which way we are going with the each space. We will meet again via zoom or in person to go over the mood board. We will make up to one revision to get a clear picture.

I will also start the process of reaching out to tradespeople and get estimate so that we can have a better idea of understand the scope of the project.

At the phase this visual plan is in place. I will start souring what is needed to bring your space together. Such as furniture, lighting, fixtures, hardware, and accessories- this items will presented to you in person with a more detailed mood board, samples, and quotes.

Here we discuss a detailed timeline for everything to bring it to completion.

It’s go time… It’s total transparency at this stage. I’ll secure all the trades, place the orders, curate the final details, and your project is on its way. Keeping you up to date in real time open communication. 

The next thing is enjoying your new Authentic Space(s).

Wow 🤩 I love my new closet! Authentic Artistry Phase 2, LLC was very professional and I am in awe of the design and how she coordinated the colors and scheme that were used to create for my closet. I absolutely adore my new space and forever grateful to you. Love, Peace and Blessing
Rhonda Anderson