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Turn your Home/ Business into a Holiday Haven with Our Expert Holiday Decorating Services.

~Serving South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia~

Hello, I’m Quantissa and I enjoy listening to individuals and creating space that speak their language.That capture the authentic beauty of each individual, families and friends. I am passionate about creating authentic spaces that brings family and friends together daily Helping my clients find the language of their space by creating comfort through my CDFSystem. Creativity-Design-Functionality.

Along with creating Authentic Space I enjoy traveling and learning about different culture to help visual enhance my creativity.

XXX, Quantissa

Quantissa was very professional and punctual for each appointment. During my consultation, I showed Quantissa my ideas and not only did she listened, but she provided multiple designs, several times a week for me to choose from. I was extremely impressed with how she opened my eyes on creating a better functionality while staying within my budget. She explained the benefits of using certain patterns and color blending to change the mood for an entire room. I have gotten numerous compliments about the new design and business has grown tremendously. I highly recommend Quantissa.